Student Services

photo37Saint Joseph Catholic School takes pride in meeting individual student needs. Teachers make accommodations and modifications for students to help every child reach his/her full potential. Resources are available to offer students small group instruction to help facilitate success in the classroom. Individual programs are developed for students when necessary.

Title One

Title One funds are provided to the school by the Federal Government through the public school system. These funds provide eligible students with individual remedial services outside of school. Students who qualify are provided with tutoring in reading and or math. For information on whether your child may be eligible to receive these services, contact Carol Guthrie at for more information.

Math Tutoring


Fifth through eighth grade students are invited to participate in weekly after school sessions led by their teacher to assist with Math instructions. Students may receive help on homework, assistance preparing for an upcoming test, or assistance with a particularly challenging skill. This is at no extra charge. All students are encouraged to participate.

Math Lab

Students in grades two through five who need extra help in math are invited to stay after school for extra assistance. This program is staffed by volunteer tutors and middle school students. Students may receive assistance on homework, one on one practice with a tutor, and online practice using the wireless laptop cart.