Scholarships and Financial Aid

Saint Joseph Catholic School has several scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help families pay for their tuition.

McKay Scholarship

What makes a child eligible for the McKay Scholarship Program?choice

  1. The public school tests students and identifies their disability.
  2. The public school determines the level of services for the child through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. These services reflect the child’s funding in the public school and determine the amount of McKay scholarship they receive.
  3. Children who have a 504 Plan are eligible for the McKay Scholarship Program.
  4. The child must have attended the public school for one year prior to entering the McKay Scholarship Program.
  5. Parents must file a notice of intent to participate in the McKay Scholarship Program with the FLDOE.

For more information on the McKay Scholarship go to:

Step Up For Students Scholarship

What are the guidelines to be eligible for the scholarship?step up

  1. Your child must be entering kindergarten through fifth grade, OR must have attended a Florida public school last year (entering grades 6-12).
  2. Your child must be 5 on or before September 1st if entering kindergarten, or 6 if entering first grade.
  3. Your household must meet certain income requirements which are listed under How the Scholarship Works in this For Parents tab. Click here to go to that page.

AAA Scholarship Foundation

vpkSaint Joseph Catholic School participates in the AAA Foundation Scholarship program. The AAA scholarship offers Corporate Tax Credit scholarships to low income private school students who qualify, who have been enrolled since the start of the school year and may have missed out on, or have been put on the waitlist for Step Up For Students.   Click here for registration information about this program.

Gardiner Scholarship

The Gardiner Scholarship allows a parent to individualize the education plans for their children with special needs.  The parent seeks out and directs their child’s scholarship money toward a combination of programs and approved providers (therapists, specialists, technology, college savings account).  The funding amount varies according to grade and county of residence.  The average award in 2016-2017 was $10,000 based on a Matrix level of 253.  Click here for registration information for this scholarship.

Voluntary PreK (VPK)

vpkSaint Joseph Catholic School participates in the Voluntary Pre-K program. Your child must be 4 years-old on or before September 1 and reside in Florida to be eligible for the Fall VPK program. This program pays for your child to attend Saint Joseph Catholic School from 8:00 until 11:00 at no charge to you. Click here for registration information about this program through the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard.

Parish Tuition Assistance

Before you can apply for financial aid, you must submit required School registration paperwork and pay the Registration Fee.

Apply online at Application forms should be completed thoroughly and mailed (by you) along with required documentation and the application fee to:

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
PO Box 5688
Lincoln, NE 68505


Each application will be individually processed by the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment team, who make recommendations to the Pastor. If tuition assistance is granted for one school year, please do not assume it will be carried over to the following school year.

Applicants may appeal a decision in the event circumstances arise which have an impact on your income during the year, such as, loss of job, reduction in salary, major illness, death, or caring for additional family member. In this event, please submit extenuating circumstances to the Pastor, in writing, for reconsideration. All requests for assistance, temporary or annual, will be considered.