Prospective Parents

photo9Thank you for your interest in Saint Joseph Catholic School! You are to be commended for taking an active interest in your child’s future! For Catholic Schools Week in 2013, reported on the success rates of Catholic Schools. Bishop McFadden of Harrisburg stated, “99% of Catholic high school students graduate each year, 84% of those students go on to graduate from a four-year college, and 15% of students are from non-Catholic families.”

Truly, a decision to educate your child in a Catholic school is a decision that impacts your child’s life in a positive way. We invite you to join into a partnership with the Saint Joseph School and Parish Community, which we trust will be a long and fruitful one, directed to the best interests of your child. Our success and all that it encompasses depends mightily on the input we receive from our parents. General information is provided here on the web site. Registration begins in March for the following school year. If you are looking for a more immediate placement for your child, you are invited to contact the school office for availability.

Saint Joseph Catholic School participates in the following scholarship programs:
Both Florida Tax Credits
and Gardiner (PLSA)

For further information regarding the registration process click here.