January 2016

In order to complete your fingerprint registration, complete BOTH steps below:

From the Diocesan website:

  • Click at the blue menu bar which will bring you to Safe Environment. Click on English or Spanish. Follow the instructions found in the black & white text. You will not put in a username/password on this page.

1:         Safe Environment Training

Click on the red button below to begin the SET training. You must have an email address to register. Read and follow the instructions. After you view the video you will take a quiz. Results will be sent directly to the Diocese of Orlando who will notify us of the results. Whenever you are asked to put in your email, be sure that it is accurate since it’s the only means of communication between the Diocese, Fieldprint and you.

 2:         Fingerprint Registration

St. Joseph School does not cover the cost that is charged, so have a credit card handy, to pay online. (Skip the part that tells you to open this document to obtain your Fieldprint Code).  Call the School Office #(321) 723-8866 to get the correct code that is required. These codes must be typed accurately.

  • Emp Employee (Paid Personnel) = $ 51.25
  • Vol Volunteers (Non-paid Personnel) = $ 44.00
  • Vendor Vendors (Independent Contractors, Outside Services)

From the Diocesan page, click the link to Fieldprint or type in

Then click on the purple bar to Schedule an Appointment. You will be a New User – your Fieldprint username will be your email; once again, be very sure that your email address is accurate!

After you enter your email, click on Sign Up where you will enter a password and other demographics. Choose an appointment date/time.

Save your username & password in case you need to log back in to reschedule or make other changes.

IMPORTANT: if you miss the appointment you schedule there is a rescheduling/missed appointment fee of $ 12.50 that Fieldprint charges.