The program was developed to meet the needs of students who are high achievers and/or identified as gifted. The goal of the program is to provide these students with opportunities to develop divergent thinking skills, and knowledge beyond the standard curriculum.

The school enrichment program is geared to students in grades three through eight, who have demonstrated above-average abilities, opportunities to work with other students at their same ability level and explore topics in depth of interest to them. The criteria for inviting students to participate in the enrichment programs were developed by the administration with input from the Weiss School for Gifted Students and Brevard County. The criteria are based on standardized test scores, report card grades, checklists, and teacher recommendations.

Science Inquiry

Science Inquiry Enrichment program is offered to students in third through fifth grade. This program is facilitated by certified science teacher. The group meets twice a week to explore a variety of science topics in depth. Hands-on projects that this group has studied include solar energy, wind currents, rocket science, and the lagoon ecosystem.

Student Directed Middle School Enrichment


The middle school enrichment program for eligible students in grades sixth through eighth meets once a week. Students who have been formally identified as gifted, or who meet the eligibility criteria established by the administration are invited to participate in the program. The program is facilitated by the art teacher and offers students an opportunity to work collaboratively on creative projects of their interest. The focus is to achieve a student led experience allowing for students to choose the direction of the learning opportunities within a given theme for the trimester. This program explores topics using research.

Individual Enrichment Contracts

Students are offered the opportunity to expand their learning and knowledge based on Enrichment contracts and individual learning plans in the classroom setting. All students are held to high expectations urging them to reach their full potential whatever that may be.