Elementary Athletic Programs

The Grade School sports at Saint Joseph include the following co-ed sports: Soccer, Track, Flag Football and Basketball. These sports are offered to all students in grades K through 5 and take place throughout the school year.

The following is the PLAN (as of May 2016) for the 2016-2017 School Year


See the Catholic Youth Website for current deadlines and seasons.

boys playing soccer Soccer
Registration Deadline: August 24, 2016
Season: Saturdays, September 10, 2016 – October 22, 2016
Location of Games: St. Mary, Divine Mercy and Holy Name
marathon in moscow Track
Registration Deadline: October 26, 2016
Season: November 12, 2016 & December 3, 2016
Location: TBD
Flag football Flag Football
Registration Deadline: December 14, 2016
Season: Saturdays, January 14, 2017 – February 25, 2017
Location: TBD
slam dunk basketball Basketball
Registration Deadline: February 22,2017
Season: Saturdays, March 11, 2017-April 29, 2017 (May 3, if needed)
Location: TBD