Adopt Catholic Education (ACE)

Saint Joseph Catholic School’s ACE (Adopt Catholic Education) Program gives you a unique opportunity to support our school by providing tuition assistance to families in need or by supplementing the teachers supplies through your donations. ACE Sponsors have an opportunity to keep in touch with the school through class mailings, newsletters and invitations to special events. Donations may be made in a one time payment or installments. No donation is too small to make a difference. We have an annual ACE Breakfast to thank our sponsors and to inform others about the ACE Program.

Adopt a Child

Donations (typically a minimum of $500) may be made to assist deserving students in financial need. The ACE Program annually enables families in need to provide their child(ren) with the gift of a quality education at Saint Joseph Catholic School. This money is awarded as an ACE Scholarship Award. This scholarship can be named in honor of a deceased loved one. The donor may also choose to be present at the School Mass where the scholarships are announced.

One thing is for sure, your donation to the ACE program will make a direct impact and significant difference in a child’s life through an education at Saint Joseph Catholic School.

Adopt a Classroom

Donations in the amount of $100 or more may be made to support a class or teacher, possibly you want to support your favorite former Saint Joseph teacher as a thank you, or you want to support your grandchild’s class since you live out of town. These funds are given to the teachers for the purchase of classroom supplies. As is commonly known, many teachers spend their own money on supplies for their classrooms. This donation helps to support the teacher and the instruction of our students by providing discretionary funds for classroom use.

If you are interested in participating in the ACE program please contact the School Office at (321) 723-8866.

Give Today

To give today, please make check payable to Saint Joseph Catholic School and return it to Saint Joseph Catholic School office, or kindly mail it to the school:

Saint Joseph Catholic School
5320 Babcock St. NE
Palm Bay, FL 32905

Along with your check, please specify how you would like your contribution to be allocated. If you do not specify, we will designate your funds according to our needs. 100% of your contribution will allocated to the needs of the school.

Please contact us with any questions at: (321) 723-8866.

We sincerely appreciate your support.

Thank You to our ACE Sponsors

Thank you for sharing your blessings to improve and strengthen Saint Joseph Catholic School. Your investment will directly benefit the quality of our children’s Catholic education.